Thursday, June 02, 2005

Father's Day

In the month of June, I begin to focus my attention to that one Sunday a year that is my day to show my kids what being a father is all about.
In the vast library of stories I've collected over the past 8 years doing the daily stories are numerous stories of parents giving up their son. Just as God did for us.
Today's story is from my classics section and a testimony of how the choices and scarifices we make in our faith impact the future of other people's lives.
This is so true for me today. The many emails I've received from all over the world the past few days has humbled my heart. I am so amazed at how many lives the daily stories touch all around the world. How the words I send out everyday in the stories help inspire so many of you on a daily basis with your walk with God.
I am so thankful that God continues to use me to inspire you. How great it is to grow with you in your faith. As your faith grows, my faith grows.
I am so thankful to God for the many blessings he sends me, including you!
Your Friend in Faith,


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