Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Old Barns

Today's story comes from my good friend Bob in Memphis. The two of us are old barns. We've weathered well through the years, yet Bob and I know that we'll sparkle like little babies when we arrive home.
How about you?
Are you weathering well?
Is your heart prepared for where you're going?
Inspiring you daily, touching your heart,

Monday, April 25, 2005


Back from the Big Easy!
No inspirational message was sent on Friday. I was out of town in New Orleans at the 36th annual jazz festival. What a wonderful treat to hear such great artists and their music. As in the past years, I met so many wonderful people. God uses my life in so many ways to touch and inspire so many other people. I was fortunate to be able and share the Inspiration Daily ministry with people. To tell them my testimony of how God uses me daily to inspire folks all over the world. What a treat. Always warms my heart to see a smile on someones face when you share your faith with them.
Today's story, This Morning, is a favorite of mine. The story helps me keep my focus on God. So often, I allow myself to get so busy in my life, I fail to allow time for God. He has a way of humbling my heart when I forget it's not my life, but his. My focus should be on serving him. This story serves as a reminder for me to keep my focus on God, daily.
Have a wonderful day,