Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Clean Up Your Life!

How many times have you cleaned your house for company?
You'd probably be surprised at how much time you spend cleaning up. From 5 minutes a day to an hour. After a week, a month or a year how much time would that be?
5 minutes a day, is 35 minutes a week, is 2 hours 25 minutes a month or almost 25 hours a year.
It gets worse...
An hour a day is 365 hours a year. Almost 2 and a half months of work!
Just to keep the house clean. Of course if you are a bachelor, like me, 5 minutes a year is all.
Now think about how much time you spend a day making your life better. How much time you spend reading your Bible, praying and helping others. 5 minutes a day could change your life. 5 minutes a day could change someone else's life. Think about it...
Do you have 25 hours a year to give to God?
I know he has 8,736 hours a year for you. Or perhaps all the time in the world...
Have a great day. Spend the next 5 minutes wisely!


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