Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Worst Will Never Happen

How do we get so busy that we forget to stop and give thanks to God for all of the blessings in our life?
Today's message is from a lady here in Texas that puts it all in perspective for us. If only we would stop for a minute, focus on our blessings and say a prayer... Our lives would be so different.
Instead we let the day to day worries consume us, our thoughts and our lives. Before you know it, we have more worries than we can even think about. Then we start thinking about all the negative things and before you know it, our attitudes follow. The great and positive things that God puts in our life are taken for granted. We become consumed with the trivial and lose site of the greatest of all gifts, God's love for us.
About a year ago I was at lunch when someone asked me, "Tim, do you ever doubt your faith?"
I hadn't though about doubt in a long time. I had been so focused on God, my growing faith and inspiring others, that doubt didn't even exist in my vocabulary. Amazing as I sat and thought about it. Then I shared how to get rid of doubt. How to focus on the positive. How you may ask?
Simple, look up, give thanks for every give God has given you. If you spend enough time trying to thank God for everything in your life. You'll easily discover what I did. There isn't enough time in the day to give thanks for everything.
Grow your faith today. Inspire those around you with God's love.
His Servant, Your Inspiring Friend,


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