Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Romantic Time of Year

After much work, the group is finally secure. The daily messages are going through without a hitch.
I've started through the old email address list again. I started inviting former members to join the new list on yahoo. With only around 4,000 of the original 50,000 members that moved, I knew I needed to do something.
If you've just joined the group, welcome back. I hope you've found the messages I sent over the past month and a half in the group area on Yahoo.
My hope is that I'll no longer have to answer the many requests I get everyday asking for the stories sent out previously to the group. The archive is now public so that others can havve access to this area as well. This should give me more time to write again on a daily basis.
It's that time of year again...
Romance in the air. The group and the daily messages will take a "love" swing over the next week.
For you guys...
If you haven't ordered flowers for the big day, better get it done, today!
Look for the Afterglow radio program to air in the next week or so. I'll post the details to the group when I know the date. Stay tuned!
Have a blessed day,


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