Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Home Sick

From the time when I was a little boy at summer camp, I remember those home sick feelings. Longing to be home in familiar surroundings and with my family. Funny how we are creatures of habit. Only comfortable in surroundings we know. Doing the same things over and over again. Starts when we are small and sticks with us all of our life.
Today's story made me start wondering about why we don't long to be home. You know, our real home. I think so many of us are scared death because we think it is the "unknown". I know in my heart that for me, it's really the real "known" and familiar. From being in church, reading my Bible and listening, heaven must be my real home. While I feel comfortable here, I know I should be longing to be home with my father. Since I am here, I am going to spend the short period of time serving my father, inspiring you and enjoying my time at Earth camp.
Hope you're having a good time here too!
Your Daily Inspirational Friend,


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